From World Premiere to Working Life

SBM Mineral Processing GmbH, 4664 Oberweis, Austria

At bauma 2019 SBM Mineral Processing presented Euromix® 3300 Space for the first time. Stephan Godel, managing director and founder of the company Godel-Beton GmbH, was so impressed with the plant he made up his mind to buy one on the stand and is very satisfied with his decision. Euromix 3300 Space started working at the Godel location in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, and has since then been producing up to 1,000 m³ concrete per day.

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GODEL-BETON GmbH Werk 17 Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 100 45881 Gelsenkirchen, Germany SBM Mineral Processing GmbH Oberweis 401 4664 Oberweis, Austria T +43 3612 27030 F +43 3612 27038109


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