Concrete Manhole Risers with Fully-Automatic Transport Anchor Installation

Schlüsselbauer Technology GmbH & Co KG, 4673 Gaspoltshofen, Austria

In recent years, concrete manhole riser manufacturers have focused almost exclusively on boosting capacity. Despite the difficulties of keeping an ample workforce, the number of manhole risers produced in one shift has continuously needed to increase. Schlüsselbauer Technology recognized this trend early on and embraced its development. The maximum attainable production capacity represents an increasingly important competitive factor for both partners in system investment; for the individual finished part producers in local competition and for Schlüsselbauer Technology in the global competition between system manufacturers. However, there are other important aspects for Schlüsselbauer, which it can use to achieve a unique selling point in the market. At the same time, Schlüsselbauer can also give their partners an ideal position in their own business environment. This includes ensuring the best possible product quality whilst simultaneously maintaining optimum production capacity and ongoing process optimization for rapid production of concrete precast components. All in all, it was these performance factors which were ultimately decisive for the Czech manufacturer Zábojník s.r.o. in choosing to invest in the Magic manhole riser system from the Austrian provider Schlüsselbauer Technology. In addition to Magic’s short machine cycle time, the automatic insertion of transport anchors - independent of the cycle time – was a particularly important decision-making criterion for the owner of the family-owned company.

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