From Custom Parts to Mass Production: Highly Efficient Manhole Base Production at Foley Products …

Schlüsselbauer Technology GmbH & Co KG, 4673 Gaspoltshofen, Austria

… Company Spring 2021 marks a defining moment for the precast industry in the US state of Georgia. Foley Products Company, one of the leading precast concrete products manufacturers in the Southeast US, is commissioning a fully-automated system for the production of manhole bases. Previously, manhole base production at the company involved considerable manual labor, and the quality wasn’t always consistent. But today, the company has an automated production system that guarantees consistent high-quality products with little comparable labor. Not only has the company’s component quality improved, but productivity has also risen to a consistently high level. The operations to be performed are now more manageable, and the daily output can be planned with a higher degree of accuracy. The arrangement and timing of all material flows have been optimized, as have the operations performed automatically by the system. Historically, channels formed in the manhole base were considered to be custom jobs, along with the majority of manholes without channels, or berms that were used in pipeline construction. Today, however, Foley uses a scheduled production process to manufacture components with or without channels, thanks to their newly installed Perfect system. Through the installation of the production system developed by Schlüsselbauer Technology, decision makers at Foley aim to steadily increase the company’s market proportion of high-quality, monolithic manhole bases with channels.

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