Practical casting moulds as a basis for high-quality concrete jacking pipes with and without HDPE …

Schlüsselbauer Technology, 4673 Gaspoltshofen, Austria

… corrosion protection All over the world, more and more moulds from Schlüsselbauer Technology are being used for mould hardening production of concrete jacking pipes. There are at least three key aspects behind this trend. The increase in use of jacking pipes to avoid having costly and time-consuming open trenches on construction sites is an ongoing trend in pipeline construction. In addition to this, there is increasing demand for corrosion-resistant pipelines—above all in the wastewater sector. Finally, Schlüsselbauer has continually improved the quality and functionality of its concrete casting moulds over several decades, to the point where its Perfect Forming Technology casting moulds are now considered among the leading products in the concrete sector. In jacking pipe operations across Asia, Europe, and North America, significant amounts of wet cast concrete pipes produced using this mould range are now being installed.

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