Concrete Cancer – Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

Kryton International Inc., Vancouver, BC, V5P 2S8, Canada

Cancer has profoundly impacted human lives, with countless individuals suffering from the disease for centuries. Similarly, some deteriorating mechanisms can wreak havoc on concrete structures, eventually destroying them. Corro- sion and alkali-silica reaction (ASR) are two mechanisms of deterioration that share similarities with those observed in human cancer and are often referred to as concrete cancer in various sources. While human cancer and concrete cancer are different in nature, they have some similarities. Taking preventative measures can reduce the likelihood of developing human cancer or lessen its impact, as well as with corrosion and ASR in concrete structures. Both human and concrete cancer can be difficult to detect in their early stages, which emphasizes the importance of preventive action. Similar to how maintaining a healthy lifestyle can decrease the risk of human cancer, effective moisture control in concrete can prevent or mitigate the detrimental effects of corrosion and ASR.

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Alireza Biparva, B.Sc., M.A.Sc., LEED Green Assoc., Technical Director/Concrete Specialist, Kryton International Inc. Kryton International Inc. 1645 East Kent Avenue Vancouver, BC, V5P 2S8, Canada


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