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M.O.L. Gummiverarbeitung GmbH & Co KG
Gutenbergstraße 12-14
49377 Vechta

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M.O.L. Gummiverarbeitung GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading manufacturers of elastomer sealing systems and rubber profiles produced by injection moulding or extrusion, depending on the respective application and requirements.
As a competent and strong partner of the pipe industry we develop tailored product solutions in the drinking water pipe (seals for plastic pipes) and sewage pipe (seals for plastic pipes / seals for concrete pipes) sectors. In addition our high-quality rubber profiles are used in a very wide range of industrial applications. Our motto »Get flexibility« is not only the expression of our flexible products but also of a collaborative development process with our customers which results in the greatest possible value creation by means of individuality and versatility.

INTEGRA für Betonrohre / ø 300–2600 mm