Schleifmittelwerk H. Riedel & Sohn GmbH


Schleifmittelwerk H. Riedel & Sohn GmbH
Industriepark Soonwald 2
55494 Rheinböllen

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Riedel & Sohn GmbH is a modern industrial company, which has specialized in the manufacture of grinding rings and segments for the stone and concrete industry. Our products are distributed throughout Germany and exported within the EU, to the Near East, the USA and Canada.

The company was founded as an individual enterprise with a co-partner back in the sixties, in the year 1963. At that time, the production schedule still included the manufacture of rubber articles. Just a few years later, the product range was supplemented by the production of Bakelite bonded grinding rings.

The abrasives plant is managed by Helmut Riedel Snr. and Norbert Riedel Jnr. The skilled toolmaker and his son, as Industrial Commercial Manager, make an optimum engineering and administrative team.