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Functionality and Precision – Criteria for Moulds in the Production of Mould-Hardened Components

“Easy to fill and easy to demould” – for the past few decades, user expectations for moulds used to process wetcast concrete, including self-compacting concrete, have been fully encompassed by these two requirements in the majority of cases. Recent developments such as increas- ing aesthetic standards, greater consideration of workers’ needs, and – last but not least – the importance of meeting functional quality requirements are driving forward advancements in the concrete casting segment. The bottom line is that these advancements also need to boost the cost-effectiveness of modern mould concepts compared to traditional technology. The quality levels expected from moulds used to produce components for building construction and special civil engineering applications (particularly tunnel liners) have been rising steadily. Meanwhile, the production of components for pipeline construction in general has seen significant developments in recent years.


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The plant manufacturer and system developer Schlüsselbauer Technology has been a reliable partner of the international precast concrete industry for more than 50 years. As one of the leading companies in this area Schlüsselbauer delivers integrated systems for the strategic drinking water supply as well as for rain water drainage and sewage disposal to its global customers.

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