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Beton Kemmler Supplies Monolithic Manhole Bases for Daimler Testing Ground

A 55-kilometer test track for self-driving cars will soon be completed in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Not far from Mercedes-Benz’s site in Sindelfingen, south of Stuttgart, Daimler has invested approximately € 200 million in the testing ground for this promising technology since 2015 While only a small amount of this is going towards the underground infrastructure, high quality standards, nevertheless, have been put in place for the selection of building materials. For example, Perfect state-of-the-art monolithic manholes supplied by Beton Kemmler, a local traditional Swabian company, are being installed for the numerous drains. Beton Kemmler has been manufacturing Perfect manhole bases since the summer of 2017. These manhole bases are produced in a mould and include all the relevant features of modern concrete manhole bases.

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