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Customer Service: The art of giving people more than they expect

Visiting a good restaurant quickly loses its appeal if the service is incompetent and unmotivated or even noticeably absent. But of course, bad service is not only a nuisance in restaurants: An innovative product is always fine, but if the expertise, the support and the willingness to listen on site or by phone are lacking, the result in most cases is dissatisfaction and misunderstandings. Customer service or customer care exists across all sectors. Whether it is the restaurant or the machinery manufacturer, every industry lives from its customers and those are the very people you have to take care of not only during an ongoing project. As Michael LeBoeuf said: "The greatest asset of any company is its customers, because without customers there is no company''. Kraft Curing Systems GmbH in Lindern, Lower Saxony, has been living by this principle for over 25 years and is continuously working to offer the best customer service in the entire concrete industry and to revolutionise it.


Kraft Curing Systems GmbH M├╝hlenberg 2, 49699 Lindern, Germany T +49 5957 96120 F +49 5957 961210

Since 1990 Kraft has pioneered modern concrete curing - the process of controlling and optimizing the rate of cement hydration of manufactured concrete products. Kraft Curing Systems is located in Lindern Germany and Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania USA. We design, manufacture, install and service custom manufactured equipment for the measurement, recording, control and acceleration of the concrete curing process.

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