A new Era for the Concrete Curing Rack ยท part 1

Condensation causes Corrosion

Everyone who works in concrete block, paver or slab production knows the effect: when entering a curing chamber that is in operation, the lenses in your glasses fog as a result of the humidity in the chamber. After some time, however, the effect diminishes and your lenses clear. This is a simple example of one of the numerous physical processes that occur in a concrete curing chamber. As simple as this may seem, there are cases in which it is not so easy to get the forces of nature working for you and not against you.

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Since 1990 Kraft has pioneered modern concrete curing - the process of controlling and optimizing the rate of cement hydration of manufactured concrete products. Kraft Curing Systems is located in Lindern Germany and Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania USA. We design, manufacture, install and service custom manufactured equipment for the measurement, recording, control and acceleration of the concrete curing process.

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