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Efficient production and installation: Jacking pipes from Beton Müller

When it comes to trenchless installation, a hybrid pipe consisting of durable reinforced concrete and a corrosion-resistant plastic inner lining has been gaining traction in Europe over the past few years. Supplied by German manufacturer Beton Müller from Baden-Württemberg, the Perfect jacking pipe has since been used in numerous projects both within and outside Germany. The jacking pipes are produced following the Perfect Pipe process, which has been proven for over 10 years at Beton Müller. After manufacturing a liner cylinder including thermoplastic forming of the joints, the liner cylinder, reinforcement cage, and, if required, bentonite valves are inserted into specially designed steel moulds, which are then filled with self-compacting concrete. The pipes, which are delivered to the starting chamber, also feature a plug-in sleeve known as a connector, which allows the pipes to be connected flexibly after installation and also ensures that the finished pipeline is protected from corrosion throughout.


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