Compact concrete distributor module helps with difficult concreting

Lintec GmbH & Co. KG, 21614 Buxtehude, Germany

“Without the concrete distributor module that would not be possible; we use it every day”, says the responsible foreman from bam in Hamburg. An office and commercial building is being built here directly on the Alster in the city. The location on the banks of the Alster necessitates a special construction method, in particular for the underground car park and the foundations. The excavation was concreted from ‘top to bottom’ in order to achieve the necessary hold against the pressing soil in the 'soft' building ground. The excavation also had to be provided with close-meshed bracing. However, none of the available truck-mounted concrete pumps from the Hamburg company Jetlift’s vehicle fleet (M20/4 to M52/5) could directly reach the concrete placing points, not only due to the depth of the structure but also due to having to concrete under the finished foundation slabs / floors and bracings.

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