Experiences in the application of SCC in hot environments

Readymix concrete production and quality control

This paper reports the use of self-consolidating concrete in the construction of the $US 1.2 billion Al-Jamaraat Bridge. The pedestrian bridge located in Mina, near Makkah in Saudi Arabia is used by Muslims in the annual Hajj rituals. A four-level segmental bridge with underground tunnels, access ramps, service buildings and helipad towers was recently constructed and completed. In total, more than 400,000 m3 (520,000 cubic yards) of 60- and 80-MPa self-consolidating concrete (SCC) along with 80-MPa steel fiber-reinforced SCC have been used in the edge beams, columns and retaining walls, and in stitching precast segmental bridge elements. SCC helped solving reinforcement and duct congestion problems, enhancing finish-ability and accelerating the construction schedule. This large-scale experience with SCC is des- cribed in this article and relevant aspects of the substantial database developed on SCC in this project are discussed.

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