With a new accelerated concrete curing system and 21 further steps to concrete pavers with triple

Gerwing Steinwerke GmbH, 49451 Holdorf, Germany

… protection In the Wunderstein®, Gerwing Steinwerke GmbH offers an innovative concrete paver from which even stubborn dirt can simply be wiped off. In addition, Gerwing guarantees a very high colour fastness that makes the stone look like new even years later. According to the company's managing director, Michael Gerwing, this is made possible by a completely newly developed triple protection in the core concrete, in the facing concrete and on the surface. Gerwing revised and optimised numerous processes in their concrete block paving production in order to achieve the desired result, which is now marketed under the name Wunderstein. There were 22 individual steps in total. One of them was the installation of a Quadrix® system from Kraft Curing for accelerated concrete curing, which now ensures constantly consistent conditions for the curing of the concrete pavers the whole year around.

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