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New concrete mixing plant for Norland Betong in Norway
Tecwill delivered a new concrete mixing plant Cobra C80 to Norland Betong at Fauske in Norway. The delivery consisted of a concrete mixing plant Cobra C80 equipped with Tecwill´s planetary mixer. The complete equipment package, amongst important other devices, included a quick scale calibration system, covers for the aggregate bins operated by remo... 

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ICCX Middle East 2018 – Meet the industry players in Sharjah

After a very successful inaugural ICCX Middle East in November 2017, this year the follow-up event will take place again on 25/26 November 2018 in the Sharjah Expo Centre. With 1.000+ expected concrete professionals visiting 100+ exhibitors that are focusing 100% on concrete, this event once again will raise the bar in the region. 



HawkeyePedershaab announces formation of Afinitas parent company

HawkeyePedershaab Concrete Technologies Inc., a leading global manufacturer of capital equipment for the production of concrete pipe and manholes, is pleased to announce the formation of Afinitas, its new parent company. Since 2017, HawkeyePedershaab has been building out the vision of creating a global, comprehensive, customer oriented infrastruct... 



Two-prong approach to protect concrete in harshest environments

Acid-producing microorganisms are eating away some of the world’s most important infrastructure at an alarming rate. Known as microbial induced corrosion (MIC), this complex bacterial process ultimately produces biogenic sulfuric acid that can steadily reduce the surface pH of concrete sewer system components to destructively low levels leading to ... 



New production line for concrete paving stones at Sunroad in South Korea

Sunroad & Co. Ltd. has been operating in South Korea as a dealer in high-quality concrete products for 10 years. The company led by CEO Sun Ho Jung is regarded as an extremely reliable supplier to the large construction companies and engineering offices in South Korea and the products are used in very large and important projects, not only in the p... 



Modular and fully automated production process for free-form concrete moulds on the basis …

… of technical waxes The goal of this research cooperation between B+S Engineering GmbH from Rheine, Germany and the Institute of Structural Design (ITE) at the TU Braunschweig, Germany, funded by AiF Projekt GmbH (project-executing organization of the Federal Ministry of Industry and Energy (BMWi) for "ZIM cooperation projects" - funding period m... 


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